Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinkler Design

The Welsh Government amended Approved Document (Building Regulation) B volumes 1 and 2 , with new regulations and guidance which was implemented on 1st January 2016.

The requirement to provide fire suppression in Wales is statutory. This means that sprinklers are mandatory and compensatory features cannot be added to the building to avoid their inclusion.

Where sprinklers must be installed

The requirements apply to new build and change of use applications forming:

  • New houses and flats
  • Care homes
  • Rooms for residential purposes (other than in a hotel, hospital, prison or short stay leisure hostel)
  • Registered group homes and sheltered housing

A fire suppression system is defined as an automatic system that controls and extinguishes fires without human intervention. Typically these are sprinkler systems, although other types are available.

Applications deposited after 1st January 2016 and applications already submitted but commenced after 1st January 2017 must include fire suppression.

What we do

We design sprinkler systems for all of the above and work only with qualified and experienced installers to ensure that compliance with BS9251:2014 is adhered to.

We cover the whole of the UK.

What do we need?

To produce a design which complies with BS9251:2014 we require an electronic CAD drawing of the proposal. We then design the system for the proposed building and the design will be ready for Local Authority Building Regulation approval.

NOTE: For the technical, we can also accept .dxf format.

Contact us for further details.