Adding a Rear Extension

Adding an extension to the rear of your home will solve your problems of not having enough space. But sometimes it’s not that easy. One or more of first floor windows are in a position that prevents a simple lean-to construction and the angle (pitch) of the lean-to roof is too shallow. This is quite

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Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinklers – Myths

  How do fire sprinklers work? Each sprinkler head contains a valve that opens to release water when a heat-sensitive element reaches a pre-determined temperature. Usually this will be at least 68°C, however, sprinkler heads that operate between temperatures of 57–230°C are also available. Sprinkler heads are located at ceiling height or on a vertical

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Do I need a survey?

DO I NEED A SURVEY? Buying a property is the single most expensive outlay you’ll make. A property is also one of the most complex objects in your life. Just ask yourself – how much should I know about this property before I spend the next thirty or so years paying for it? Well, as much as

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Architect designed open plan kitchen

Internal Renovation project for Open Plan Kitchen

Recently completed internal renovation project showing completed kitchen by Celtic Heritage Kitchens. We demolished an internal wall between the original kitchen and dining room (used twice yearly, Christmas & Easter, and an unused area) and completely opened up the space. We provided Celtic with the 3D model and they did the rest. Their attention to detail

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